O.J Simpson Case Alternative murder theories
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O.J Simpson Case Alternative murder theories

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Simpson has suggested a hitman killed Ron and Nicole. Those who agree
with this assertion say it is supported by the following
details:[citation needed]
The murder of Ron and Nicole was among a string of murders of people
associated with Simpson, Ron, and Nicole. Casimir Sucharski, a friend
of Simpson, was murdered two weeks after Ron and Nicole. On March 19,
1995, Simpson's friend, record company promoter Charles Minor, was
murdered. On July 30, 1993, eleven months before the famous double
murder, Ron Goldman's friend Brett Cantor was killed with a knife in a
manner identical to Ron and Nicole: from behind and across the throat
and stabbed repeatedly on the arms and chest. Michael Nigg, a waiter at
the Mezzaluna (where Ron Goldman was also a waiter) was shot in the
head and killed. Another Mezzaluna waiter barely survived a car
bombing.[citation needed]
Many working at Mezzaluna were involved with the Mafia and/or the drug
Photos of Nicole with known criminals of the drug trade in a hot tub
and on a bed were shown on the news. Simpson said he was upset when he
saw his children associated with the drug scene with which Nicole had
apparently become involved.
Barry Hoestler, a private investigator hired for the Simpson case by
Robert Shapiro, said Nicole talked about the idea of opening a
restaurant with Ron Goldman as her partner, and financing it with
cocaine profits. Hoestler said Nicole and her friends were "over their
heads with some dope dealers".
Nicole's best friend was Faye Resnick, a cocaine addict. Someone broke
into Resnick's apartment to take documents and photographs. Later,
Resnick skipped town. Simpson's defense team said Nicole and Ron may
have been killed by drug dealers to scare Resnick into paying her drug
debt. Prosecutors said there was no evidence to back this theory.
There was an unexplained DNA mix on the steering wheel column of the
car. The DNA was neither Simpson's, nor Nicole's, nor Goldman's.
The "car testimonies" of Park and Kato, which suggest unexplained
movement of vehicle/s, were suppressed from the trial.
Al Cowlings once served as a bodyguard for convicted drug smuggler Joey
Ippolito. Ippolito escaped from a Florida jail three weeks before the
murders and made many calls to Simpson. According to the theory,
Ippolito probably hired a hitman to commit the drug related murders.
Frankie Viserto is one hitman known to be close to Ippolito. In the
past, Viserto has tortured and beheaded his victims with a knife.
Nicole's sister Denise Brown was often seen and photographed with
ex-Mob enforcer and FBI informant Tony Fiato, a recruit of Ippolito.
Denise denied that Fiato was her boyfriend.
Police detectives broke state law and their own policy when they waited
hours to summon the county coroner.
In violation of policy, evidence remained in the processing room for
three days before the first piece was booked in the secure ECU. The
evidence was on a tabletop, and could be handled by anyone with access.
70 to 80 police personnel had access.
Someone broke into Robert Shapiro's office, forced open a locked filing
cabinet, and stole confidential papers related to the case.
Simpson said that only once, in 1989, had he and Nicole got into a
fight that injured her. Nicole used makeup in one of the photos showing
her with facial bruises after the fight. He said Nicole's written
statements of domestic abuse were a plan to get out of a prenuptial
None of these assertions explains Simpson's behavior following the
murders, such as the self-incriminating statement to police, the
attempt to flee, the suicide note, the apologies to the police who
eventually arrested him, the inability to remember how he had cut his
finger to the bone the night of the murders, or his differing
statements about his whereabouts during the time of the murders. In
addition, none of this explains how Simpson's DNA was at the murder
scene and the victims' blood was inside his car and his home.

Another theory that has been put forth is that Simpson's son, Jason
Simpson, committed the murders. This is the central theory of a book by
William Dear titled O.J. is Guilty, But Not of Murder (ISBN
0-9702058-0-5). This book attempts to explain Simpson's incriminating
behavior and the incriminating evidence, and also presents an
alternative theory of how the murders took place. Among the
circumstances Dear, a former detective, claims in the book to support
his theory are:
Before the murders, Jason Simpson had been taking the medication
Depakote to control epileptic seizures and rage disorders. He had had
previous instances of going into seizures and not being able to
remember what had taken place while he was blacked out. Just before the
murders, Jason had discontinued taking the medication.
Jason was on probation on the night of the murders for attacking his
former employer, Paul Goldberg with a knife.
Jason was a chef-in-training and would always carry his knife set with
him. These knives were more than capable of committing the murders, and
inflicting the type of wounds found on the victims. He also carries a
survival knife with him, which is believed to be the murder weapon, not
the chef's knives. The butt end of the knife was also very sharp and is
believed to have been used to strike Nicole in the back of the head,
creating a gash in her scalp.
Jason had no alibi the night of the murders. He stated he was cooking
in front of 200 people the night of the murders. However, the
restaurant that he worked at during the murders could hold a maximum of
87 people at any one time. He also later stated in a civil deposition
that he clocked out after the murders had taken place. However
unreleased evidence shows that he printed in the time that he left,
rather than using the electronic time machine as he and other employees
had done all the rest of that week.
Jason had attacked a previous girlfriend with a knife, which he used to
cut off chunks of her hair.
After committing the murders, it is believed that Jason called Simpson
to the crime scene.
O.J. tried to cover up the crime of his son because of the guilt O.J.
felt as a result of being a neglectful father.

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O.J Simpson Case Alternative murder theories

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